Access your Addressbook from anywhere
With Zexer's Addressbook you'll have access to your contacts from any internet-connected computer in the world. Whether you are at a cafe, in a library, at work or at home lets users log in, input data, and update information... ALL ONLINE!

Ever had a telephone number at home in your computer that you wish you had with you? Ever wish that the contacts you have in your Outlook Addressbook was accessible? Wish you had e-mail reminders of upcoming birthdays, based on the number of days you want to be reminded? The Zexer Information Services Addressbook Features:

  • A breeze to sign up, the process takes less than a minute.
  • Ease of navigation, and step-by-step instruction accessible in every page.
  • You can't mess up! With easy to follow help located on the top of every page, there's no confusion... creating an account, adding, editing, removing and updating information, Just look for the "Help!".
  • Unique "Remember Me" feature that let's the computer recognize your account, and inputs your user name/password on the home page automatically.
  • New "Notify Me" via E-mail of a contact's upcoming birthdays, and you get to choose number of days in advance as well.
  • 100% web based application which means there's nothing to carry around... and always there.

Screen shots of this application shown below, notice the simplicity of the interface:
Not only is this site appealing for your eye, it's also easy to use. With the help of our GUI expert and simple programming logic we have generated a tool for everyone to use, easily. Functionality is key, ability to print into a format that you can carry around, and later even synch to your Palm Pilot™ . Read Zexer's Privacy Policy.

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